How to sell

First step

If you don’t have an account with us, you’ll need one to post an ad. Register an account, then click on ‘Post an ad’ to start.

The first things you’ll have to choose are the category you want your ad to go in, and the location you’re going to post under. These are vital steps, and details you won’t be able to change once the ad is live.

Choose category

It’s important to choose the category well because you’ll get more exposure. There’s a category for everything. Categories break down into sub-categories, so keep breaking down to be as specific as possible if you don’t want to type in what you’re selling.

Choose Location

Location is equally as important. Because we are a local classifieds site, people look for local buys. They want to view the item and pay in person. Posting in your location, as a seller, means that people can come look at the item, and most times this gets you a quicker sale. You can select your location manually using the drop-down options

The details

Write up a title and description for your ad. You can add photos to help your ad stand out on the listings. You can also add a link to your website if you want to. The more visual you make it, the more views you’ll get.

You’ll need to put a price on the ad as well. Give people the actual price. It’s annoying when you ask someone about the price, and they give you a different one to what was actually written on the ad.

What will my ad cost me?

Great question. There is no one price. Most of the ads on are free, and the price will depend on whether you choose to feature your ad or not.

Last tip

After you post an ad you’ll be given an ad reference number or ad ID. Make a note of it, so if you ever need to contact us, we’ll be able to find your ad straight away.