7 Male Fashion Trends for 2020

1. Crossbody bags:

Crossbody bags will be happening for men in 2020. So, if you’re already tired of leaving your handy stuffs in the car or having them jangling in your pockets, this fashion trend is a lifesaver. And the catch is to wear them high up on your waist, not hanging down your hip bone.Zara.com

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2. Monochromatic Suits:

Not necessarily all black or all white, but eye-catching suits for men in single colour shades will trend in the 2020s, as most have already had enough of the black-suit-plain-shirt trend.Monochromatic suits can also be paired with sneakers and white T-shirts for a more relaxed look .

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3. Patchwork Prints:

Patchwork prints with different cut outs and contrasting colours will be happening for men in the 2020s, and thankfully, they look good on everyone. .

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4. Oversized shirtless suits.
Outrightly the easiest and most effortless trend to follow on the list. They’re a perfect way to don a suit in hot climates. They’re worn without shirts for the trendy effect. The shirtless suit is a cool way to look hot while showing up your chest and six-packs.

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5. Two-Strap Slides:

The two-strap slides is another male fashion trend to look out for in the 2020s.These footwear offers extra comfort and they look extra cool as you walk down the street, unlike traditional shoes. They are best paired with jeans suit pants, flared trousers, joggers or above-knee shorts.

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6. Colourful shield sunglasses:
Eye protection will be done in the coolest way possible for the men in 2020. Sunglasses will be mostly oversized, and they will come colourful for a powerful fashion punch. Colourful shield sunglasses will compliment any outfit.

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7. Tie and Dye:
Like the patchwork prints, tie and dye will find their way into the male fashion world in the 2020s, tgis time, stealong a page from the women’s fashion world.

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December 28, 2019